What’s next?

Want to know more about DDS? The primary source of information is the OMG website at http://www.omg.org and specifically the DDS Getting Started page and the DDS specification itself. The specification is a bit wordy and of course deals with minute details, but it is surprisingly easy to follow for a specification.

There are also various resources on the web dealing with DDS in general, as the various vendors have posted tutorials, presentations, general information and documentation on their products. While the details between the various implementations do differ, they have much more in common than what separates them, and so this information is also applicable to Eclipse Cyclone DDS. The one thing in which Eclipse Cyclone DDS really differs is in the details of API, but that’s just syntax.

Obviously there are also things specific to Eclipse Cyclone DDS. The level of documentation of Eclipse is not nearly what it should be, but that will improve over time.

And last but note least: please always feel welcome to ask questions on GitHub!