cyclonedds.dynamic.get_types_for_typeid(participant, type_id, timeout)[source]

Attempt to gather the Python types that match a TypeIdentifier. This might involve several network roundtrips to request necessary type information.


Returns a type that can be used in Topic creation (IdlUnion or IdlStruct subclass), as well as all types by name that appear at some nesting inside the main type (IdlUnion, IdlStruct, IdlEnum or IdlBitmask)

Return type

(Type, Dict[str, Type])


DDSException – If ENABLE_TYPE_DISCOVERY is not set upon compiling Cyclone DDS this does not work.

async cyclonedds.dynamic.async_get_types_for_typeid(participant, type_id, timeout)[source]

Async version of get_types_for_typeid. Runs in separate thread.

Return type

Tuple[Union[cyclonedds.idl.IdlUnion, cyclonedds.idl.IdlStruct], Dict[str, Union[cyclonedds.idl.IdlUnion, cyclonedds.idl.IdlStruct, cyclonedds.idl.IdlEnum, cyclonedds.idl.IdlBitmask]]]