Building Portable & Interoperable Distributed Datacentric Systems

Cyclone DDS is a high performing, OMG-DDS standard based data sharing technology which allows system designers to create digital twins of their systems' entities to share their states, events, data-streams and messages on the network in real-time and fault-tolerant way.

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Fast & Dependable

Cyclone DDS has an extremely low latency and high throughput, especially in rush environments and noisy networks where error transmission rates are relatively high. Performance variability and jitters are minimum which make it suitable for real-time and mission critical applications. Cyclone DDS also has a low footprint making it suitable for both enterprise and embedded systems.

Capitalizing on our lengthy experience developing data-centric middleware in real-time distributed systems, the Cyclone DDS development team and community are fulfilling stringent software development processes with certifiability of the technology in mind, to be deployed where safety is mandated.

Consistent & Scalable

Cyclone DDS minimizes the DDS automatic discovery protocol overhead by aggregating the number of applications' representatives in the DDS network. It scales out, both in Edge based peer-to-peer or in large-scale IoT deployments. To rationalize the network resources in use, it can spread data on different multicast and unicast groups to confine it physically to where it is needed.

The Cyclone DDS design maintains data distribution integrity and consistency between all applications that need it. Data consistency is guaranteed, even when the system topology changes due to application disconnections, reconnections or transient infrastructure failure.

Secure & Interoperable

To secure data exchanges, pre-built or user-defined plug-ins for applications Authentication, Authorization and data Encryption are supported. Authentication uses the pre-built plugins with RSA, key exchange uses Diffie-Hellman. Authorization uses a permissions document signed by shared Certificate Authority. Cryptography uses AES-GCM and AES-GMAC for message authentication.

As a smart implementation of the DDSi-RTPS and the DDS-Security protocols Cyclone DDS interoperates with any other compliant DDS implementation. Interworking with non-DDS technologies is possible through other mediating technologies such as Zenoh or Camel-Apache.