IDL compilerΒΆ

The Cyclone DDS IDL compiler translates module names into namespaces and structure names into classes.

It also generates code for public accessor functions for all fields mentioned in the IDL struct, separate public constructors, and a destructor:

  • A default (empty) constructor that recursively invokes the constructors of all fields.

  • A copy-constructor that performs a deep copy from the existing class.

  • A move-constructor that moves all arguments to its members.

The destructor recursively releases all fields. It also generates code for assignment operators that recursively construct all fields based on the parameter class (copy and move versions).


When translated into a different programming language, the data has another representation specific to the target language. This highlights the advantage of using a neutral language such as IDL to describe the data model. It can be translated into different languages that can be shared between different applications written in other programming languages.