You can configure the extent to which multicast is used (regular, any-source multicast, as well as source-specific multicast):

  • whether to use multicast for data communications,

  • whether to use multicast for participant discovery,

  • on which interfaces to listen for multicasts.

We recommend that you use multicasting. However, if there are restrictions on the use of multicasting, or if the network reliability is dramatically different for multicast than for unicast, disable multicast for normal communications. To force the use of unicast communications for everything, set: General/AllowMulticast to false.


We strongly advise you to have multicast-based participant discovery enabled, which avoids having to specify a list of nodes to contact, and reduces the network load considerably. To allow participant discovery via multicast while disabling multicast for everything else, set: General/AllowMulticast to spdp

To disable incoming multicasts, or to control from which interfaces multicasts are to be accepted, set: General/MulticastRecvNetworkInterfaceAddresses setting. The options are:

  • Listening on no interface

  • Preferred

  • All

  • A specific set of interfaces