Shared memory configuration

There are two levels of configuration for Cyclone DDS with shared memory support, the shared memory service (Eclipse iceoryx) level, and the Cyclone DDS level.

The performance of the shared memory service is strongly dependent on how well its configuration matches up with the use-cases it is asked to support. By configuring shared memory correctly, large gains in performance can be made.

The memory of iceoryx is layed out as numbers of fixed-size segments, which are iceoryx’s memory pool. When a subscriber requests a block of memory from iceoryx, the smallest block that fits the requested size (and is available) is provided to the subscriber from the pool. If no blocks can be found that satisfy these requirements, the publisher requesting the block gives an error and aborts the process.


For testing, the default memory configuration usually suffices.

The default configuration has blocks in varying numbers and sizes up to 4MiB. iceoryx falls back to this configuration when it is not supplied with a suitable configuration file, or cannot find one at the default location.

To ensure the best performance with the smallest footprint, configure iceoryx so that the memory pool only consists of blocks that are useful to the exchanges to be done. Due to header information being sent along with the sample, the block size required from the pool is 64 bytes larger than the data type being exchanged. iceoryx requires that the blocks are aligned to 4 bytes.

The following is an example of an iceoryx configuration file that has a memory pool of 2^15 blocks, which can store data types of 16384 bytes (+ 64 byte header = 16448 byte block):

version = 1


size = 16448
count = 32768

The configuration file is supplied to iceoryx using the -c parameter.


This file is used in the Shared memory examples. Save this file as iox_config.toml in your home directory.

Cyclone DDS also needs to be configured correctly, to allow it to use shared memory exchange.

The location where Cyclone DDS looks for the config file is set through the environment variable CYCLONEDDS_URI:

export CYCLONEDDS_URI=file://cyclonedds.xml

The following is an example of a Cyclone DDS configuration file supporting shared memory exchange through iceoryx. Please check //CycloneDDS/Domain/General/Interfaces/PubSubMessageExchange for all configuration details.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<CycloneDDS xmlns=""
    <Domain id="any">
                <PubSubMessageExchange name="iox" library="psmx_iox" config="LOG_LEVEL=INFO;"/>


This file is used in the Shared memory examples. Save this file as cyclonedds.xml in your home directory.