Deprecated functionality

All functionality in this section is considered deprecated. They will generate warnings and could be removed in a major release.

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dds_entity_t dds_find_topic_scoped(dds_find_scope_t scope, dds_entity_t participant, const char *name, dds_duration_t timeout)


Finds a locally created or discovered remote topic by topic name

Use dds_find_topic instead.

Finds a locally created topic or a discovered remote topic based on the topic name. In case the topic is not found, this function will wait for the topic to become available until the provided time out.

In case multiple (discovered) topics exist with the provided name, this function will return randomly one of these topic. The caller can decide to read DCPSTopic data and select one of the topic definitions to create the topic.

The returned topic should be released with dds_delete.

  • scope[in] The scope used to find the topic

  • participant[in] The handle of the participant the found topic will be created in

  • name[in] The name of the topic to find.

  • timeout[in] The timeout for waiting for the topic to become available

Return values
  • >0 – A valid topic handle.

  • 0 – No topic of this name existed yet

  • DDS_RETCODE_BAD_PARAMETER – Participant handle or scope invalid


A valid topic handle or an error code.